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last updated 4/24/18

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Mission Statement:

  • To educate and provide information to our community on fire prevention, safety and disaster emergencies.
  • To extend goodwill in our community and promote a spirit of helping others without expecting anything in return.
  • To promote harmony and goodwill in our own ranks in order for our members to serve their community willingly.
  • To provide each resident, business and visitor in the Township of Conewago with the highest level of professional services that we possibly can and provide them to our maximum ability.
  • To protect the lives and property of our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens, bravely and respectfully.


circa 1956

Strinestown's 1954 GMC - Darley Pumper in background

Back Row (L-R) Mearl Wentz, Harold Kottcamp, Merle Rodgers, Garland Chapman(seated on truck)
Front Row (L-R) Bob Potts, Al Benedick, Jake Biller, Dave Bair, Russ Witmer, (standing) Floyd White, Don Moul, Clair Wilt
Standing at Front Bumper(L-R) Stewart "Red" Walters, Raymond Sweitzer

Truck in right foreground: Lewisberry Fire Co's 1937 Chevrolet
This information provided by Mearl Wentz.

Coverage Area     What We Do

   The volunteers of Strinestown Community Fire Co. provide emergency and non emergency service coverage to all of Conewago Township. All 24.71 square miles and every mile of local, state and federal highway in Conewago Township a total of 74.5 miles. Our 100% volunteer company is currently serving over 5800+ residents 24/7.

In addition to Conewago Township we provide mutual aid service to East Manchester, Dover, Manchester and Newberry Townships as well as Manchester and Dover Borough.

We provided services at the Camp Hill State Prison during the riots and have traveled as far as Perry County to provide support, services and equipment to our fellow volunteers and career firefighters. We provide our services to anyone that asks to the best of our ability. In return many of these departments provide support and respond to our calls for assistance.

News Collection Bin

at Station 26-2,

5 Fisher Drive

   The Strinestown Community Fire Co. is dedicated to serving the residents, businesses and visitors of Conewago Township and our neighboring communities. We provide fire suppression services as well as fire education programs and fire safety information. We also provide vehicle rescue services, farm rescue services, and search and rescue. We provide traffic control services through our Fire Police members. In addition we provide services in time of disasters such as flooding, high winds, tornados and hurricanes, as well as snow storms and blizzards. We have volunteers that are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as EMTís and Vehicle Rescue Technicians. Many of our firefighters are also certified in First Aid and CPR. A team of firefighters are also certified in handling emergencies involving anhydrous ammonia, which is used as a coolant at the cold storage facility located in Conewago Township. We are staffed by a team of professional volunteers that provide our emergency, public service and non emergency responses as well as our business, financial and maintenance operations.


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